TV Appearances


El Remanso on NBC Nightly News - September 2008

El Remanso Lodge was featured on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams on Sunday, September 28th. As part of their series “Going Green” the 3 minute piece focuses on the case of Costa Rican responsible or ecotourism. El Remanso appears as an example of this type of tourism on the Osa Peninsula. If you would like to check the video please visit the NBC Nightly News website

Discovery Channel - May 2006

Discovery Channel stopped by at El Remanso to shoot an episode of their series Ultimate Survival. The show was aired in late 2007.  The production crew stayed for 2 weeks and enjoyed an unforgettable experience with the El Remanso Team


MTV Trippin' at El Remanso - February 2005

El Remanso hosted the MTV Trippin' show with Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Kelly Slater, Kid Rock and Chris Chelios along with The Nature Conservancy.
The show highlighted the need for Rainforest preservation.


Animal Planet at El Remanso - August 2004

El Remanso hosts Jeff Corwin’s show on Animal Planet. The crew stayed for 6 days to shoot images of local wildlife for their Central American episode.