Waterfall Rappelling

This is our most popular tour, and since 1995 the first of its kind in Costa Rica. Enjoy four waterfalls and four hours of adventure in a truly beautiful deep forest setting. Challenge yourself and enjoy an extraordinary day.

Rappelling (also known as abseiling or canyoning) takes you into the heart of the jungle through a wild river canyon at El Remanso.

Our Waterfall Rappelling Tour can be done by most reasonably fit people with a good sense of balance. After rappelling the first waterfall, you follow the river to the second, then third waterfall. The best is saved for last as the fourth waterfall is a 70 foot high beauty. Bring your cameras for this one as the photo opportunities are marvelous.

The light filters through the canopy towering above you and reflects off the many pools. The sounds of rushing water soothe your mind while cooling your body.

The price is $75 per person.