Costa Rica is well known for its excellent surfing conditions, with many spots with great waves, not to mention the warm water temperature all year around!
Cabo Matapalo is a relatively uncrowded surfing area. It offers waves for beginners as well as world-class breaks for the more advanced surfers.
The beaches of Cabo Matapalo are just a 10 minutes drive away from El Remanso Lodge. Surfing at Cabo Matapalo is a unique experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, the beaches in this area offer a variety of spots for all levels. The view you have from the water is amazing: scarlet macaws flying over your head, monkeys in the nearby trees and the occasional sea-turtle showing up while you are in the water!
A south or a west swell is what really makes surfing at Cabo Matapalo turn on. The season is from April and October, but flat spells do happen during the rest of the year occasionally.
If you are a beginner we can organize surfing classes for your first experiences in the waves! If you bring your own board we do offer a shuttle service to the beach.