Our resident naturalist guide will take you on one of several different trails and while you gaze at magnificent giant trees and observe wildlife you will get a real introductory lesson to tropical biology!

You may see Scarlet macaws, toucans, parrots, hawks, tanagers, and many other types of birds. There are over 400 species of birds identified in the local area.
The most commonly seen mammals are monkeys. There are 4 types in Costa Rica , and all of them can be seen here: Howler monkey (Congo), Spider monkey (Colorado ), White face (Cara blanca), and Squirrel (Titi). Other commonly seen animals are white lipped and collared Peccaries (saino and chancho de monte), Coatis (Pizote), Agoutis (Guatusa), Tayras (Tolomuco), Kinkajous (Martilla), Sloths (Perezoso), Armadillos and Anteaters (Oso Hormiguero).
Occasional spottings (with camera traps) on our refuge include pumas (Leon), ocelots (Manigordo), margays and jagarundis.
There are also a host of amphibians and insects to observe such as poisonous frogs, iguanas, morpho butterflies, leaf-cutter ants (zampopas) and many more.
The price of a guided hike is $35 per person.