Sustainable Tourism


Supporting local community

Supporting the local community

A highly important aspect of any sustainable practices policy is to involve the local community.

Local staff

El Remanso only employs local staff. 98% of our workers come from the Osa Peninsula, from the surrounding villages in the Puerto Jiménez area. By staying at El Remanso, guests provide employment to over 25 families in the area.

Local Staff


Local providers

We use mostly locally bought ingredients in our kitchen, not only to help the local economy but also as part of the cultural experience of local cuisine for our guests. For instance, all fish is bought locally from local fishermen in Puerto Jiménez. El Remanso also supports local producers of vegetables and fruits.

Local art-crafts

Our small giftshop offers exclusively art-crafts made by local artisans and we have traditional artisans come to the lodge weekly to offer their works to our guests. Our store is intentionally kept very small and we encourage guests to buy at local giftshops both in Puerto Jiménez and San José.

Local tour operators

All outside tours are operated exclusively by locally run and locally owned tour operators. They work very hard to offer unforgettable experiences for our guests.

Local Tours

Library in Puerto Jimenez

El Remanso actively supported the creation of the local library in Puerto JImenez and encourages guests to bring books to donate.


Supporting education

El Remanso also supports economically 2 local families so that they are able to send their children to the local school in Puerto Jimenez and La Palma.


Conservation projects

One of the most effective ways to protect the rainforest is by understanding how it works. That is why we have been actively supporting a series of studies of endemic species and wildlife over the years. From botanical studies of endemic tree species like the Anthodiscus chocoensis or Garlic Tree to studies of amphibians or even ants, El Remanso has hosted and supported the studies of local biologists.

In 2008, El Remanso "adopted" a stretch of the local beach and funded a conservation project for seaturtles ( and weekly presentations were held at the lodge to . Also, since 2008, El Remanso Lodge has been supporting a wildcats conservation project, run by to local biologists, Aida Bustamante and Ricardo Moreno. Camera traps are continuously set out in the reserve of the lodge. Weekly presentations of the project offer guests possibilities to learn more about the local conservation offers.


Wild Cats