Restaurant & Cuisine

Restaurant & Cuisine

Apart from the stunning views of the forest canopy you will enjoy excellent meals at our restaurant.

All meals are served in our bamboo structured restaurant at the heart of the lodge. The restaurant deck is built on top of a forest canyon, enabling great views of the underlying forest.
At El Remanso, we understand the importance of offering consistent excellent meals, especially after a day of activity in the rainforest. Our local chefs will surprise you with a perfect mix of international cuisine with a “tico” and tropical touch.
We normally prepare private tables for you and your party. If you would like to join other guests for lunch or dinner just let our staff know and they will prepare your tables together.

In the morning coffee and tea are usually ready by 5.30 and breakfast can be served at 6.00 for those willing to enjoy the early morning wildlife activity. We offer a wide selection of both tico and international breakfasts that will give you enough energy for your day of adventures! Lunch and dinner are served at 12.00 and at 7.00 respectively and we offer 2 different menu options every day.
An exchange library is located in the restaurant while the "mirador" area of the restaurant offers comfortable lounge sofas to lay back in the peace of the afternoon while enjoying a good book.
The restaurant is also the place for our weekly evening talks on local conservation issues where we invite local biologists to share their projects with our guests.

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