Practical Guide

Practical Guide


Costa Rica has two main seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. In general terms, on the Osa Peninsula you can usually expect dry weather from December through April with a few scattered showers per month. March and April are normally the driest months of the year. From May to July is the beginning of the rainy season, and it will usually rain a few times a week, usually in the afternoon but still with very sunny days. Late August through early November bring the hardest rains; there is normally a pattern of sunny mornings, cloudy afternoons and rain in the evenings. The temperature stays in the upper 70s and 80s Fahrenheit, with the hottest time being March.


Light luggage over all. Light, quick dry-clothing is best, since it is never very cold and can be hot and humid. During rainy season a pair of lightweight long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and a rain jacket are useful. Hiking boots or sturdy shoes for hiking and thongs for being around El Remanso are the most practical footwear, also TEVAS-like are OK. A hat, sun block, and sunglasses are good for sun protection. Don't forget your camera, binoculars, and a good flashlight. A journal if you like to write, a good book. Water bottle (not disposable) is recommended although we can provide you with our reusable ones during your stay. If you have the chance you can bring a new book in Spanish for the public library in town; it would be much appreciated!

Special Diets

Please inform us if you follow any special diet. We have experience with most of them, but we would be thankful to be informed ahead of your arriving, as being in such a remote area makes some ingredients hard to come by without advanced notice.


El Remanso is located in the midst of a primary rainforest. During the day, temperatures can rise into the high 80s and with the high humidity - especially when doing physical activity - the body needs constant hydration, so always take a re-usable water bottle with you. If you don’t have any, we can provide you with one.


If you have any health issues that require medication it is recommended to bring it with you (in their original containers, clearly labeled). There’s a local drugstore in Puerto Jiménez that can provide you with most of the medicines that you may need. For any serious health issues we need to be informed beforehand, you can of course count on our discretion.


It is always useful to check with your doctor or health-care provider before you visit a foreign country. Some of the vaccines that are recommended by the CDC for tropical countries include Routine, Hepatitis A + B, Rabies and Typhoid. Concerning Malaria, there have not been any recorded cases in the Osa Peninsula in recent years so prophylactic treatment of Malaria is not necessary if you are coming to El Remanso.


Roads can be pretty bumpy in Costa Rica. The road into the Peninsula is currently being paved but still has big parts of dirt road. The road between Puerto Jimenez and El Remanso Lodge is not paved and you will have to cross several small rivers. Drive defensively. Usually, distances are measured in time and not in miles/km. From Puerto Jiménez it is a 45min - 1hour drive (depending on the season) to the lodge.


The national currency is the colon and the exchange rate is around 530 c = 1US $ (Feb 2015, check At El Remanso, as in most places in Costa Rica, you are welcome to pay in US$ or “colones”.

Travel Documents

Passport-carrying nationals of the following countries are allowed a 90 days stay with no visa : most EU countries, Argentina, Canada, Israel, Japan, Panama and the USA. Citizens of Australia, Iceland, Ireland, Mexico, Russia, New Zealand, South Africa and Venezuela are allowed to stay for 30days with no visa. Remember that you will be asked for a $26 airport tax when leaving the country.
Important : Your passport should not expire for at least 30 days after your arrival, otherwise you will not be given allowance to enter the country. Please also remember that you need to travel with a round-trip flight when entering the country.


We believe that signing up for a travel-insurance policy is highly recommendable, both for last-minute cancellation before the trip as well as health insurance for your stay in Costa Rica. Check with your insurance company for the coverage and bring the copies, it is always useful.


We do provide internet access for our guests at our lodge thanks to our satellite connection. We are also connected to Puerto Jiménez via radio in case of emergencies. Telephone connection (also via cell phone) is not available at this remote part of the Osa Peninsula.


We do have safes in most of the cabins and the lobby, where you can leave your money, traveler checks or other important things that your want to keep secure.