Our Staff

Our Staff

In line with the general policies that we apply at El Remanso, all the employees that work here at the lodge and office are locals.
Many of them have not had the opportunity of education, therefore at El Remanso it is a priority to offer them continuous training and education to provide them with the tools for a secure future.
All the staff has integrated itself in the “El Remanso spirit”, and for them the biggest satisfaction is to please you during your stay. Without asking for anything in exchange they will give you their best smile and conversation.
Their kindness turns into another of the great and unique experiences of our guests.
Here you can get to know a little about them in advance:


Our Puerto Jimenez Office Team:

Gabby was born in San Jose and raised all over Costa Rica. She is the 5th sister of a big and loving six-sibling family, deeply in love with the nature of her country and her 2 year-old daughter Alexa Daniella which is the 5th granddaughter herself.
She likes to spend her time off playing with her baby girl at the beach and teaching her to love, care and respect nature or practicing her favorite sports such as volleyball, hiking and a little Taekwon Do.
She lived in California for a while, but her heart was not able to forget the wonders of her beloved Costa Rica, and she says there is no better place to enjoy the best of them than El Remanso!
Don´t hesitate to call her at the main office to ask any question you have in mind!

Eli is strong, willful, very hard-working and even more patriotic. Begin a conversation with her and you’ll inevitably end up loving Costa Rica even more than you did when you started planning your vacation to the most remote rainforest in this nature-rich country. Eli knows and adores her culture, the people, the hearty cuisine, the joyful music and the immense biodiversity she grew up in, so tourism management was definitely the best choice for her when it came to picking out a career. This superwoman currently studies at the university in Paso Canoas, works full time at El Remanso and still manages to keep her family as a priority, spending time with her husband and preparing for the birth of their first child! You’ll meet her soon enough when she greets you as you arrive to the lodge.

Jose Miguel
José’s extremely quiet personality is heavily compensated by his incomparably sharp eye for sighting all kinds of critters in the forest. When he greets you at the airstrip in Puerto Jiménez with his shy smile you may expect that your long ride to El Remanso won’t be particularly amusing, but as soon as the drive starts through the dirt road, across winding rivers and into the lush rainforest of Costa Rica, José will surprise you pointing out things that only his trained eyes can spot!
He might seem a little bit shy at first, as he is still practicing his English, but he can turn your ride into a great wildlife experience with his sharp eye for spotting! If you see any animals and birds, don’t hesitate to ask him.

Cecilia Fallas
Cecilia is the wonderful hard-working woman that takes care of the laundry in Puerto Jimenez. As the lodge runs 100% with hydropower, sometimes it is difficult for us to take care up in the lodge of all the laundry and this wonderful woman is the person in charge of this very important duty. She has lived almost all her life in the mountains of Osa and she has five grown up children and 8 grandsons/daughters.


Our Restaurant & Bar Team

Contrary to what you would expect from this sweet and mostly silent young man, he grew up in a cold-weathered asphalt city in Belgium, spending his days between primary school and the community soccer field. When his parents decided to move down to Costa Rica, Sergio was very excited about the idea of traveling and meeting new friends, and especially about moving to a coastal town with beautiful water!
His mother’s home town in the Osa Peninsula turned out to be all that he expected: warm weather, gorgeous beaches and friendly people all around who would say hello whether they knew him or not. However his responsibilities also changed, and now instead of splitting his time between school and soccer he instead would come home to feed the animals and share other chores with his brothers and sister on his parents’ farm. At the age of ten he suddenly found himself learning how to contribute to the livelihood of his family’s business and at the same time finding a chance here and there to keep in touch with his friends in Belgium, at first by postal service and only recently by e-mail.
When asked if he would ever like to go back to Belgium, Sergio doesn’t think twice before replying that he wouldn’t ever change Costa Rica, where he has found independence, freedom, friends and the best beaches he could ask for!

When you meet Yessi, it probably won’t occur to you at first glance that she is an incredible defense in her soccer team, and that this has been her favorite game ever since childhood. She has always been an outdoor lady, ever since she was born literally on the beautiful white beach of Playa Blanca!
As a child she and her siblings worked in their farm along with her father planting and harvesting tomatoes, mustard, radishes, carrots, rice, beans, everything they could possibly need for their family. What she remembers the most of those days is that each one of her brothers and sisters took their own furry canine companion along for the day’s work. Yessi’s dog was named Lassie.
What she likes most about working in El Remanso is the friendship she has established with her teammates, and the chance her job gives her to get to know people, their different cultures and languages.

Jairo is one of the youngest among the staff; he is from La Palma, a small town near Puerto Jiménez. Waitering at El Remanso is his first job, and he is so dedicated that you would never know he has only been with us a short time. If he greets you with a big smile at the restaurant don’t miss the chance to try one of his cocktails; Margaritas and Piña Coladas are his best. Jairo is working hard In order to accomplish his main goal: being a naturalist and ornithologist guide.
What she likes most about working in El Remanso is the friendship she has established with her teammates, and the chance her job gives her to get to know people, their different cultures and languages.


Our Kitchen Team

These are some of the people that will make your culinary experience at El Remanso unforgettable:

Geiner Badilla
Geiner is the head Chef at El Remanso. He is 25 and from La Palma, a little town close to Puerto Jimenez. He has a 4 year old son called “Deiner” that is just like him. Geiner began at El Remanso doing garden and maintenance more than 3 years ago, but we all soon realized that he is a natural cook with a lot of potential. He started in the kitchen as assistant cook and received training from different chefs. When our previous chef, Santos, decided to open his own restaurant, we upgraded Geiner to chef and with his intuitive and creative skills, he soon assumed the huge responsibility of the El Remanso kitchen. He has a very special sensibility for the kitchen and great instincts. At El Remanso we are proud of his job as he is very talented and we consider that our kitchen should also be one of the highlights of your stay! Geiner is a nice person and gets on very well with all his colleagues. He is a bit shy but we are sure that you will succeed in getting him out of the kitchen to say hello! Geiner loves to hang around with his friends and girlfriend Anita and being around his beautiful family.

Although he introduces himself as Gilberth, he prefers to go by Gilberto.
Gilberto was born just across the Golfo Dulce, in Golfito, where he grew up in a wonderful family that’s very united. During his childhood he and his family worked their own farm, growing mainly rice, beans and corn. Every December, he and his brothers would harvest the beans and they would go to the local market to sell two baskets each. With their earnings they would get to buy new clothes to start the next year in style!
He also recalls a time when his whole family would go gold mining in the rivers. They’d work from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm every day, collecting 3 to 10 grams of gold on a normal day. At the end of the week, they’d either sell their mining harvest to any willing buyer, or simply trade the gold in at the grocery store for the week’s food and supplies.
Now he continues the adventure of his life working alongside his brother Geiner in the kitchen. They both share a natural talent for cooking. Wait until you try!

Olga is the youngest of 14 siblings, the most “chineada” (pampered) of them all, which now reflects in her confident and friendly personality. She always shows up to work in the kitchen with a nice big smile and lots of positive energy, which se inevitably rubs on to all her teammates.
She grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Puerto Jiménez called Ñeque, where she remembers playing with her brothers and sisters in the rice fields, hiding among the tall grasses to startle their dad as he came back from work and generally just enjoying her life as a kid in such a peaceful town on the south Pacific side of Costa Rica. This is where she grew up and where her heart belongs, where she has formed a family of her own (much smaller this time, with only two children!), and where she can be herself, dance merengue and take in all the bright sun of the tropics.
Now she’s one of our own chineadas as she always brings a smile to our faces!


House Keeping Team

“Mode”, as we all call her, is the Head of the Cleaning Staff. She is the woman that takes care of your rooms and personal laundry. She was born in the Puerto Jimenez area in 1961 and she has been working with us for four years and now.
Mode is a very cheerful person, always smiling and full of energy. On her free time she loves being around her friends and family, and dancing is her passion.
Mode has been at El Remanso since 2006 and is an important member for the team, specially the new arrivals!

Doña Etel might seem like a harmless little lady, but she’s tough! I guess she had to be, growing up with 15 siblings!
This is what makes her perfect for her current job at El Remanso: feeding the hungry staff!
She is a little silent at first, but has a sparkling smile and a contagious giggle that will always leave you in a good mood. One of her many talents is weaving with coconut palm leaves! You’ll see her beautiful creations here and there around El Remanso.
She left home when she was very young, and when she turned 18, already with 3 children of her own, she was working in every possible trait at a banana plantation in Limón. In El Remanso she stands out for her undying energy and her motherly care.


Maintenance and gardening team

Jorge’s best trait as leader of the maintenance team is his marvelous ability to build and keep up team spirit.
He takes his work very seriously, and is always very punctual, very hardworking, and with a really good eye for detail. He’s good at motivating his team with a smile, kind words and patient explanation, always remembering to give each person the credit for their own work.
Jorge is also a loving father to his teenage daughter, and is often seen in town with her, each riding their bike and enjoying the afternoon. A known talent of his is his great voice! Sometimes during his most inspired days at work you might hear him singing a Mexican ranchera just like an authentic mariachi!

Álvaro’s fondest memories of his childhood-which was not too long ago- include going fishing with his brothers and sisters and swimming in the river behind his house. The tees were weighed down by the amount of juicy guayabas that he and his siblings would fill their stomachs with. One of their favorite games was to take turns riding in a large plastic tub while being pulled with long ropes through the pastures by the rest of the kids.
Now Álvaro has a daughter of his own named Sairi, who he raises along with his beautiful wife Lidia. Soon enough, Sairi will grow old enough to get into some mischief of her own!
Álvaro is an important part of our maintenance team, and you might meet him during your waterfall rappelling tour, where he’ll assist our naturalist guide Gera making sure you’re safe.

Tani is the strongest man at El Remanso. Probably the strongest man on the Osa as well! He-s the definition in person of “if you want something done, do it yourself”. Mainly a silent fellow, you can always guess what he’s thinking by the ever ready grin under his gray mustache. His distinctive strength in muscle and personality probably comes from a whole childhood of hard work.
Born on the North-Pacific slope of Costa Rica, in a small town called San Buenaventura de Miramar, he and his father soon moved to San José, where Tani started selling newspapers while his dad went off to work. At the astounding age of 8 he received his first salary: 1.5 colones, after working all day in a coffee plantation. What Tani remembers most about the plantation is the annual celebrations of the crop, where everyone would bring something special to eat, like the traditional pejibaye, coffee, and of course a little rum for the grownups. It was always a really happy environment where everyone celebrated the year’s hard work with food, music and lots of laughs.
Soon Tani and his dad saved up enough to buy their own land and set up their own crops here in the South-Pacific of Costa Rica, where Tani has been working ever since, spending half the year at his familiy’s ranch growing potatoes, tiquisque and ñampi and the other half here with us at El Remanso!

One of the things Chico (which is short for Francisco) enjoys the most is fishing with his friend Burrón in the Golfo Dulce. Surrounded by lush forest hills plunging into deep blue waters in this unique tropical fjord, Chico’s favorite catches are sea bass and red snapper, which he then cooks at home with his girlfriend Jessica and their cute toddler: Nadya.
He enjoys working in maintenance at El Remanso because of the fresh air, the beautiful forest and all his El Remanso friends. You’ll meet him at El Remanso during your waterfall rappelling tour: Chico helps Gera the guide keep you safe and having fun on this great adventure!

Jesús became the man of the house as soon as he turned 14. When his older brothers married their wives, it was then his turn to make a living for his mother and remaining 7 siblings!
Being hard-working and adventurous was always his nature anyway. At the incredible age of 5 he could already rope small cattle while riding his horse! When he turned 7, he decided he wanted to grow his own batch of beans, so he picked up a machete and for a whole season he tended the land his older brothers designated for him to prepare and plant on. As soon as he was able to harvest the crop, he sold the beans and bought a brand new set of clothes.
When it became his turn to take care of the family, he started working fields for some neighbors, and later on moved to Limón for a while to work in the banana plantations, but his home has always been here, close to his mother and siblings. He has settled down in Puerto Jiménez and now raises a family of his own, with two beautiful daughters: Fabiola and Noily.

Geiner Campos
Making honor to his last name, Geiner’s main job at El Remanso is tending to the garden (Campos means field, in Spanish). What he enjoys most about his job, however, is helping Gera the guide in the waterfall rappelling and in the canopy observation tours. He has been assisting Gera for quite some time now, and has developed a sharp eye to spot different kinds of animals.
Now, his ultimate passion and practically his reason for living is soccer! He will not miss one of his team’s games, and gives it all during the game. All you have to do is ask and you’ll see his brilliant smile light up his face!

Roger as well as his brother Heiner is in charge of the gardens, also from La Palma he likes to be called “Pocho”. His willingness makes him to get involve beyond the gardens of El Remanso, hence he also will be an excellent safety guide during the waterfall rappelling or the canopy breakfast tour, and he’ll make sure that the forest trails are clean. His peculiar phrases and comments always brings a laugh among the staff, raising the spirit of the team.
Now, his ultimate passion and practically his reason for living is soccer! He will not miss one of his team’s games, and gives it all during the game. All you have to do is ask and you’ll see his brilliant smile light up his face!

As soon as you meet Beto, you will agree that he’s the nicest man you can imagine. He always has a smile on his face and is always open to conversation. Actually, if you give him the chance, he will probably try and practice his English with you. You would be an angel to him forever!
Angel is actually his middle name, and he makes it a point to live up to it. He’s always there to lend a helping hand, a little joke to make you laugh, a fresh flower to put a smile on your face.
You’ll see him taking care of the gardens, tending to the pool and often taking care of the compost with his teammates.


Guest relations

Silvia was born in San José, but her life has been that of a globetrotter. She has lived in Santo Domingo, the United States, and Mexico, and her fieldwork as a biologist and wildlife guide has taken her to places as diverse as Venezuela and the Amazon of Brazil and Peru. Her work in the wild has included nearly every sector of Costa Rica and she has walked practically the length of the Osa Peninsula. Silvia’s love the of Osa lured her back while she completes work for her doctoral degree in biology. Her knowledge of the flora and fauna as well as her infectious enthusiasm makes for a lot of fun in the forest!. Silvia will greet you at your arrival to El Remanso and along your stay, to make sure that you have the best experience with us.

Laura Chinchilla
If you would like the perfect massage, Laura is the person you need to meet. She is only 25 but she is the most wonderful and experienced masseuse you can imagine. In your cabin or at the massage hut, her hands will give you a very relaxing experience. She was born in San Jose but she has lived in Puerto Jimenez for 3 years. Laura is a Physiotherapist and her experience will heal your mind and body. She is a very sweet and talkative person and she loves being with friends and singing is her passion.


Naturalist guides

Gerardo Orozco Borbón
Gerardo or "Gera" as we all call him is without any doubt one of the key persons you will meet at El Remanso. He is our resident Naturalist and his tours will certainly be a highlight of your stay.
Gera is not only knowledgeable but also very passionate about nature and the very special rainforest of the Osa Peninsula.
Gera was born in 1984 just across the Golfo Dulce close to the border with Panama, where his wife and little daughter live.

He always says that from the very first day his parents took him to the forest, he felt fascinated. That day he was perhaps too little to understand how special the rainforest was but now he really appreciates all its wonders and will certainly transmit you all his passion to make you love it as much as he does.
Gera has been working at El Remanso since 2006 and he will be in charge of guiding you through the forest, taking you waterfall rappelling and leading you during the night hikes. He is that special person that will make you leave the Osa with a total different perspective.
Rinaldo and his family moved down to his mother’s home town in Palmar, Osa Peninsula, right after he graduated from 6th grade.
Born in Limburg, Belgium, Rinaldo is probably the most polyglot person in El Remanso after Dani and Adri. He has a natural talent for languages and speaks Dutch, English and Spanish fluently.
This, added to his open personality and his talent for listening and making conversation make him an excellent guide, and a fun person to talk to as well.
The thing he likes most about working here in the jungle is the nice, sunny weather, meeting new people and of course seeing and sharing his knowledge about all the wildlife that surrounds El Remanso!