Honeymoon experience

Explore. Discover. Share. Unwind. Enjoy!

Celebrate your honeymoon in the most pristine rainforest reserve, bordered by an endless deserted beach and miles of more untouched forests.
Experience the feeling of being alone together as you discover hidden waterfalls, natural tide pools, ancient trees next to forest canyons and a myriad of stars only seen from the intimate dark jungle nights. Look around and you will find only your own footprints. It’s just you two and the forest creatures!

El Remanso’s romantic rainforest accommodations project peace and seclusion amidst a vibrant rainforest filled with mystery and adventure. Watch all the colors of the sunset from the hammock of your own cabin and wake up to the sound of the howler monkeys and the faithful Scarlet Macaws. We’ll be waiting for you with freshly brewed coffee and a selection of local fruits and plenty of delicious breakfast options to start your day together. After a day of exploring, enjoy a well-deserved relaxing afternoon by soaking in our spring-filled pool with your favorite tropical drink or by getting a revitalizing massage in our outdoor massage hut.

Let us treat you to a private candlelit dinner where you can share your day’s experiences and listen to the sounds of the forest all around you.