Practical Guide

Is there air conditioning?

El Remanso Lodge is located on top of a ridge above the Pacific ocean and the temperature at night is fresh with a nice breeze. You will see that you don’t need it!

How do I get plane tickets to El Remanso Lodge from San Jose?

There are two commercial airlines flying to Puerto Jimenez: Nature Air and Sansa. Both airlines are good and reliable. We pick the one which has the most convenient flight time for you. Both Nature Air and Sansa fly from the international airport Juan Santamaria (Alajuela).We are glad to help you with your domestic flights without extra charge. Also we can help you with hotel reservations in San.Jose if you need it. Contact us.

Is El Remanso a good place for honeymooners?

El Remanso is a great place for your honeymoon. First of all the location itself is romantic. We are in the middle of the rain forest, surrounded by pristine beauty. Your cabin is facing the forest and the ocean and no one around to bother you. Since we are a small lodge you'll be able to get as much privacy as you want. Our meals are excellent and we can provide you also with great wines or champagne. Please consult our special honeymoon packages here.

Do we have to have meals with the other guests?

The maximum capacity of the lodge is 30 people. You can socialize with the other guests or not, it is up to your wish. Usually our guests come to the social area 1 hour before dinner to exchange on the days happenings and talk with our guides about the next days activities. Our restaurant is not open to the general public..

What is the food like?

El Remanso is already well known for offering delicious gourmet meals. We consider that the food is very important so we always work on preparing the most exquisite dishes. Also, we support the local markets and all the food comes from local stores and fishermen. We provide Costa Rican, international and vegetarian food. See Meals.

Can we use credit cards?

We work with the National Bank (Banco Nacional) and they accept both Visa and Master Cards. American Express is not accepted. If at all possible, we do prefer that you make your payments with cash, traveller’s checks or a personal check in $USD.


Is there electricity at the lodge?

There are no power lines that run this far out. El Remanso has a 100% renewable energies policy so we have our own hydro electric plants that provides electricity for all the cabins, houses and restaurant. You can use your computer here, video cameras or any other small electronic devices that need to recharge the batteries. Anyway, as electricity is limited, we kindly as our guests to not waste it. We kindly request not to use hair dryers as they may shut down the whole system.

Is there hot water?

There is hot water in all the showers, with the exception of the outside pool showers.

What if we have an emergency at home, how can they reach us?

We are connected 24 hours a day by VHF with Puerto Jimenez. Your families can contact us either via email at or They can also call our office in Puerto Jimenez at (506) 2735 5569 and they will radio us immediately.

What about bugs?

Although the forest is full of insects, we are fortunate that we do not have mosquitoes, chigger, sand fly or "no see um" problem. The majority of the time we never use insect repellant. But for exceptional days you should bring some insect repellent of your choice. We also sell insect repellant if you should forget your own.

What kind of animals can we see?

There are over 300 species of birds identified in the local area. As far as animals, the most commonly seen are the 4 types of monkeys, coatis, agoutis, tayras, kinkajous, sloths, armadillos, and anteaters. But also you can see pumas, ocelots, margays, jagarundis, and peccaries (wild pigs). With a good luck you can see the jaguar. There are also many amphibians and insects to observe: Poison frogs, iguanas, boas, morpho butterflies, leaf-cutter ants, Many of them can be seen from your cabin.

Are there medical facilities around?

Yes, Puerto Jimenez has a basic clinic with a 24-hour doctor and ambulance on call. For any serious conditions, San Jose is a 45 minute flight away from Puerto Jimenez by air ambulance. San Jose offers a complete range of modern health care facilities: Clinica Biblica and Hospital Cima are the best. For any serious medical problem, please contact our Guest Relations or/and Manager so that we can help you. For your safety, our guides, drivers and restaurant staff receive yearly Emergency First Aid and CPR training.

Do I need to rent a car, what do you suggest?

It depends on your general plan, but also and over all it depends on the amount of days that you have for your holiday. We are kind of remote and you have to consider how much time you want to spend on the road. The roads are not very good and driving can be tiring. In Puerto Jimenez there is no car rental agency. If you want to rent a car you have to do it in S.Jose. Driving down from S.Jose to Puerto Jimenez usually takes 7-8 hours. There is a drop-off service that you can use. You must to pay for the plane tickets for the car driver; it will cost around $140 for drop-off or pick-up, and a driver will bring the car down to the Osa (or pick it up from the Osa and drive it up to San Jose) for you. The car must be a 4-wheel drive vehicle. We can arrange for you both, the rental car and the drop off service if you want. See Car Rental