Corcovado National Park

The National Park of Corcovado has an enormous biodiversity and is in one of the most intense biological places on earth. The National Park of Corcovado is located on the Osa Peninsula, and it is one of the most remote parks in the country. Its beauty is spectacular. The National Park of Corcovado hosts the biggest and most unique tropical primary rain forest in Costa Rica as well as many rare species of endangered wildlife.
The National Park of Corcovado was created in 1975 in order to protect these awesome lands from the gold mining and from logging. Today it is renowned for being one of the most special ecotourism destinations in Central America. Due to the fact that it is very remote and with difficult access, the National Park of Corcovado has barely been touched and the number of people that can sleep per day inside the park is limited. Among the species that the park hosts you can find the beautiful tapirs - the biggest earth mammal in Central and South America -, bull sharks and large crocodiles.
The National Park of Corcovado is very exotic and you can find thirteen main ecosystems that go from the mangroves to the low land rain forest. You can hike up to 8 hours per day and see amazing flora and fauna on your way. To make the most out of your sightings and enhance your learning experience we always recommend doing the hikes with a guide. Corcovado has more than 41,000 hectares and protects more than 141 species of mammals, 400 species of birds - 20 of which are endemic -, 116 species of reptiles and amphibians, 40 species of fish and at least 500 species of trees. It is the home of the special squirrel monkey and the harpy eagle. In the National Park of Corcovado you can also find poison dart frogs, jaguarondis, crocodiles, pumas, jaguars and 4 species of marine turtles.
Corcovado’s National Park is extremely warm, humid and has lots of rain almost all year round. However, hiking inside its beautiful forest is very nice and its beaches are awesome. This park enables the real nature experiences for those who wish to visit this remote area of the Osa Peninsula. There are several ranger stations and guides can be hired through El Remanso. If you decide to enter the park through the Puerto Jimenez area, you will enter through "Carate", which is situated 22km from the lodge.