Wildcats Study at El Remanso : First pictures

El Remanso has been an active supporter of the local wildcat study led by biologists Aida Bustamante and Ricardo Moreno. The study which started in 2006 focuses on the endangered species like the jaguars, pumas and ocelots. Weekly presentations at the lodge give our guests the opportunity to have more information of the work of these hardworking environementalists. This year, El Remanso has purchased 4 camera traps which will constinuosly be installed in our trail system. As you can see below, after only 15 days, the first pictures show peccaries, coatis, tayras and luckily an ocelot! camera-trap4 Ocelot Peccary Last year, El Remanso also had a couple of camera traps installed for a short period of 3 weeks and these were some of the pictures then: camera-trap6 camera-trap6 camera-trap7