Why to come this Green Season!

Are you still trying to find an excuse to come this Green Season? Let us list some of the benefits of visiting us between the months of May through November:

· Better rates. This season, for instance, we offer you FREE FLIGHTS or ONE EXTRA NIGHT FREE SPECIALS, depending on your travel plans with us! Either way there’s a very noticeable price difference between High and Green Season. Flights are also are less expensive and in addition, there are frequently special deals for coming during this time of year. This adds savings up really quickly! · Less people. We are a very small lodge located on a privileged spot in the Osa Peninsula, blessed with a naturally secluded beach and in the center of our private rainforest reserve so there’s never a chance for actual crowds. However the Green Season normally brings less people, and less people means more personalized tours, less human traffic on the beach and on the trails, and generally more peace and quiet. Imagine walking along untouched sand, the wind blowing through your hair the only sounds breaking the silence being the strong pound of the Pacific waves, the communicative squawks of the Scarlet Macaws, the deep roar of the howler monkeys, the cheerful croak of the frogs in the pool… granted, that’s all pretty loud, but how refreshing when compared to honks, motors and the neighbor’s overgrown stereo system, right? · Nice temperature. The weather is always nice and warm here in the tropics, and in the Green Season has the plus of never being too hot. The temperate rain naturally cools down the earth and keeps you from getting too sweaty. In addition you can typically expect sunny days, while the clouds reserve the rains for late afternoons, perfect for laying back in your hammock with some freshly-brewed organic Costa Rican coffee and a good book. · Unique wildlife sighting opportunities. That’s right: the Green Season coincides with several special natural cycles. Humpback whales go to the Golfo Dulce to breed and care for their calves, turtles pull up along the beach to nest, frogs party every night in the fresh ponds and puddles formed by the rain and in November, several migratory bird species –like the summer tanager, the Tennessee warbler and the Philadelphia vireo- start to come south to flee from the cold winter up north. Besides all this, in the windows of sun that you get during the day, all the animals come out to soak in all they can. This gives way to very special photographing opportunities and again, the fact that there are less people in this season gives you a higher chance to be the first one out there! · Great surfing. The best part about surfing in the Osa is not only that there are always plenty of waves for everyone or that the water is the perfect temperature year-round, but that you are in an enchanting location where as you wait for a wave or ride it, you are surrounded by the wildest nature: Toucans flying overhead, monkeys on the shore, an occasional sea turtle nearby…. If one of the reasons for you to come down is the surf, the Green Season -particularly July and August- typically display great waves. · The real rainforest experience. Lastly, what would a rainforest be if not for the rain? During the months of May through August, you’ll experience the best of both worlds: mostly sunny mornings with rain in the late afternoon. September and October bring the strongest falls, sometimes lasting full days! But the beauty of it all is the magnificence of nature, feeding this forest exactly what it needs to sustain the life of all its wonderful creatures. Enjoy the show!