Scarlet Macaw nest spotted on the El Remanso beach

Scarlet Macaws (ara macao) are frequently spotted by our guests in our tours as well as their own hikes through the El Remanso trail system. The Osa Peninsula holds the largest population in Costa Rica of these beautiful and iconic birds. Although no formal large-scale study has so far been conducted in the ACOSA area (ACOSA = Osa Peninsula Conservation Area), it is believed that the population counts well above 1.000 individuals. 

Around the lodge's restaurant, pairs of scarlet macaws are often spotted on Cecropia or Beach Almond trees, as their fruits represent their favourite food source.

The mating season starts usually around march and over the years we have spotted several macaw nests on the El Remanso reserve, including the following trees: Ficus Chilamate, Caryocar costaricense (garlic tree) and Bombacaceae tree. The latter is locally referred to as the "Poponjoche" or "Lirio de Montaña". In the last weeks guests have been able to see one of these trees with an active scarlet macaw nest on the El Remanso beach!