Saving seaturtle eggs at El Remanso beach!

Thanks to the quick eyes and good heart of the wonderful Van der Meer family, 54 sea turtle eggs have gotten a second chance for survival. While strolling along the beautiful deserted Pacific beach at El Remanso, Mia was the first to spot what looked like a bunch of bright white ping pong balls: a turtle nest had been uncovered by the force of an unexpected turn in the course of the creek! Ava and Lida quickly darted up a steep forest trail to let El Remanso staff know, while Wendi and Mia helped Roland improvise an impressive temporary containing wall to prevent more eggs from sliding off the bank and into the river. Soon Jackie and John Keith –who seconds earlier had spotted a large snake during their search for the magnificent blue morpho butterfly- joined in with Cindy from El Remanso staff on the mission to relocate the very vulnerable nest to a safer place. After carefully doing their best to mimic the original nest in a different spot, hopefully at least some of these endangered creatures have a better shot at survival. We’ll keep an eye on the nest for you guys! IMG_0202 IMG_0204IMG_0212IMG_0216