PUMA spotted (and photographed too) at El Remanso!!!

Our guest Beth Glasmann could not imagine she would be spotting a female puma on her first day at El Remanso, walking to the Pacific Beach on the Beach Trail. It was about half past six when she spotted the female puma next to the path. The wildcat was rather calm and did not run away as they would usually do. This was the perfect occassion to take some excellent pictures of the cat! Pumas (puma concolor) are one of 5 different wildcats found on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. The El Remanso Lodge reserve is part of the Osa Peninsula Wildlife Refuge, an over 4.000 acre biological corridor that connects to the National Park of Corcovado. Although puma sightings are usually rare, camera traps on the property show the regular activity of these wildcats on the grounds of the lodge!