PUMA sighting on the El Remanso beach!

Richard & Jutta from Germany had an amazing wildlife sighting this afternoon on the El Remanso beach! While heading back from a hike, right next to the beach trail, they heard some noise in the bushes and out came a female puma with an iguana in its mouth! Below is the amazing picture they were able to take. This female puma has been spotted several times over the last months on the grounds of El Remanso and our camera traps have had her on "record" since 2007, including her offspring a couple of years ago! Pumas (puma concolor) are the second largest wildcats found on the Osa Peninsula (second only to the mighty Jaguar) and are the main predators of collared peccaries, one of the two species of peccaries which are frequently spotted on the trails of El Remanso!