Patience, patience, patience

Early morning and you hear the "zum-zum sounds" around the tropical garden of El Remanso. The sound comes from the only group of birds that are able to fly backwards...we are talking about hummingbirds of course. We do not use any bird-feeders at the lodge but thanks to a big variety of native heliconias (also referred to as false birds-of-paradise or lobster-claws) in our garden, there are always hummingbirds flying next to the cabins. While it is relatively easy to spot these birds, specially in the early morning and late afternoon it is a bit more challenging to take pictures of them. To avoid getting frustrated by chasing with the camera after these quick little birds, the best way is to first spot one of their preferred plants that they continuosly stop by, like the native heliconia latispatha. Set up your camera (ideally with a tripod) and then simply wait, usually just for a couple of minutes. Your patience will be rewarded! The pictures below of a Stripe-throated Hermit were taken this morning right behind the observation deck by the pool. The over 400 species of birds that can be found on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica include 16 different hummingbird species.   [caption id="attachment_615" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Stripe-throated hummingbird at El Remanso, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica"][/caption]