El Remanso Blog

  • Beginning of the season Party at El Remanso

    Looking forward to a wonderful new year in the rainforest of the Osa Peninsula, and celebrating the hard work from last season, El Remanso held its annual staff party this past weekend. This is the one and only day of the year when the usually very peaceful main restaurant is transformed into a wild open buffet-karaoke-dance floor! Our marvelous guests: Luke, Raf, Amelia and Roger joined in with us on the fun performing “A Hard Day’s Night”, and dancing to the talented voice of our masseuse Laura and our driver Gerardo.

  • Native Plants workshop with ProNativas

    El Remanso participated in the native plants workshop organized by the local organization "Friends Of The Osa" and given by ProNativa. The workshop focused on the need of using non-exotic plants in the local gardens. Different aspects from landscaping, which native or endemic plants to use and how to collect the seeds were discussed.

  • Seaturtles on the El Remanso beach!

    Emmalee & Jason from NY  found a seaturtle nest on the El Remanso beach and to their surprise the little seaturtle babies were just crawling out of their eggs! Enjoy the pics and the short video!

  • First Aid Course for El Remanso Staff

    El Remanso will be opening again tomorrow, November 1st, after a 4 weeks of being closed doing maintenance work and some upgrades of our installations. Today we finished a 4-day long training on First Aid and Basic CPR with all of the El Remanso staff as well as some participants from the local community. This highly useful training has been a big success and everybody enjoyed the training provided by the very experienced Marvin Palma. With a practical approach, the El Remanso staff learned emergency procedures for different types of injuries as well as evacuation of injured people.

  • Meet our intern Eduardo Mendoza!

    eduardo-mendoza Hello! My name is Eduardo Mendoza, I’m a student for Natural Resource Management, I’m 24 years old and am proud to be Mexican. I’ve been fortunate to have lived my whole life in close contact with nature, especially being from one of the most nature-rich states in my country: Tabasco, where there is an enormous treasure of flora and fauna.

  • Meet our intern Marigel Campos!

    marigel-campos My name is Marigel Campos. I’m from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I am currently in the 9th semester for my degree in Natural Resource Management at the Marist University in Merida. I love everything related to nature, especially the ocean. My favorite things to do are diving and going out with my friends and family. My favorite animal is the dolphin!

  • Special November discounts!!!

    It’s the end of the Green Season. The rains  have poured over the Osa for the last month, leaving the forest blooming with new greens, new croaks, newborn little monkeys ready to start their recently acquired life’s adventure clinging determinedly to their mother’s fur as she swings carelessly through the tallest trees in search of tropical fruits and insects under the light of a new sun-filled season. November offers an unforgettable rainforest experience without excessive rain.

  • Fer de lance release at El Remanso

    Today we released a fer de lance viper (bothrops asper) that we found yesterday next to one of our parking lots. For safety reasons our guide Gerardo caught it and after showing it to our guests, brought it to an area of the forest where no trails or cabins are situated. Watch him give some interesting facts on these snakes while he releases the animal!

  • Internship opportunity at El Remanso!!

    Have you ever dreamed about living in a tropical rainforest? Can you imagine yourself waking up to the sound of howler monkeys, toucans and scarlet macaws? Would you love to learn all you can about sustainable tourism and running a small business focused on the preservation of the most biodiverse jungle on the planet? Come do an internship with us! We will teach you all we can about sustainability and the Costa Rican rainforest, give you a comfortable place to sleep and all your meals in exchange for a few months of work with us as part of our miscellaneous team. You will love it!

  • Wildcats Study at El Remanso : First pictures

    El Remanso has been an active supporter of the local wildcat study led by biologists Aida Bustamante and Ricardo Moreno. The study which started in 2006 focuses on the endangered species like the jaguars, pumas and ocelots. Weekly presentations at the lodge give our guests the opportunity to have more information of the work of these hardworking environementalists. This year, El Remanso has purchased 4 camera traps which will constinuosly be installed in our trail system. As you can see below, after only 15 days, the first pictures show peccaries, coatis, tayras and luckily an ocelot!

  • El Remanso visits local traditional fiesta

    Today the El Remanso staff, together with some of our guests visited the annual "Fiestas de San Juan", the traditional local "fiesta" with bull riding and other competitions. The last day of this one-week long party brought some of the best rodeo riders of the country to Puerto Jiménez.[gallery]

  • Rainbow Boa found at El Remanso

    Our resident guide Gerardo didn't expect to find the rare Rainbow Boa (Epicrates cenchria) on the driveway of the lodge yesterday morning! These animals are primarily nocturnal creatures, sleeping during the day and starting their activity at dusk. Their name comes from the shine of microscopic ridges on their scales which act like prisms to refract light into rainbows, thus the name Rainbow Boa. [gallery link="file" columns="2"]

  • Yoga retreat at El Remanso Lodge

    Today was the last day of the annual yoga retreat of "Adventure Yoga Retreats" at El Remanso. A week of daily yoga classes in our yoga deck, surfing and enjoying the surrounding wildlife has come to an end. Thank you for being here and we hope you had a terrific time at the lodge!

  • Video of howler monkeys on canopy platform

    Thank you Charleen and Bill Fike from Oregon for sharing this beautiful video on youtube taken on the zipline platform during your stay at El Remanso! Those howler monkeys couldn't have been closer!

  • Costa Rica Named First BioGem Country by NRDC

    (InfoWebPress) – For the first time, the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) has designated a country as a BioGem, Costa Rica, as a recognition of its efforts to become the world’s first carbon-neutral nation. "These BioGems are some of the last wild and unspoiled places left in the Western Hemisphere,” said Robert Kennedy, Jr., senior attorney at NRDC.

  • Sponsorship of Wildcats Study

    In this new year, El Remanso Lodge will be sponsoring the local wild cat conservation study, leaded by biologists Aida Bustamante and Ricardo Moreno. The study which is currently in its third year is an important keystone to the better understanding of wildcats in the area and collecting data about their behaviour. The amazing pictures of pumas, jaguars, ocelots, jagarundis or margays are shown in a weekly presentation held at the El Remanso Lodge!

  • Training for employees

    Specially during the green season, El Remanso Lodge focuses on offering basic or advanced training courses to its employees. The last of this course was destined to kitchen staff and waiters at the lodge itself. The course focused on meal preparation, with elements of food safety took 3 days and all of the employees passed the final exam to have their diploma, congratulations!

  • New cabin at El Remanso

    El Remanso Lodge inaugurated a new deluxe cabin last week. This new unit, called "La Guinda" (The Cherry) is a dream for honeymooners or couples looking for a romantic getaway. With impressive ocean views, this cabin is situated on top of a ridge overlooking a lush forest canyon. A wooden deck with comfortable chairs and a hammock give plenty opportunities to spot wildlife while relaxing after an active day in the rainforest!