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  • Create your own Costa Rican "casado" dish!

    Discover the typical Tico Casado, our traditional Costa Rican meal. Embarq in a culinary journey and you won’t be disappointed with this typical Tico dish that will bring sunshine to your table. Gather family and friends and give it a try! In addition to being delicious, it’s simple to make. Here’s what you will need for 4 people:
    2 cups of rice
    1 cup of black beans
    4 portions of 150gr of beef tenderloin
    1 onion
    1 sweet chili
    2 tomatoes
    Cabbage (to taste)
    Worcester sauce

  • El Remanso is a Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Award 2014 winner!

    El Remanso Lodge on the Osa Peninsula has been awarded 2 Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Awards 2014 in the categories "Best Small Hotels" and "Best Hotels for Families".

    With its intentionally small-scale designed capacity, El Remanso features only 6 private cabinas and 6 separate rooms for a maximum of 30 guests. Combined with an extensive trail system, direct access to the beach and several waterfalls that can be visited, this enables unique and highly personalized experiences in the rainforest of the Osa Peninsula.

  • Destination weddings at El Remanso

    Celebrate your special wedding day in the lush rainforest of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, for a colourful and exotic wedding that you will treasure forever! At El Remanso Wildlife Lodge, the choice is yours: you can either plan for every detail or you can pick a theme and leave the hassle to us.

  • HIGHEST rating in the 2013 Certification for Sustainable Tourism!


    We have just been re-awarded with the "Level 5" of the Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST), a rigorous certification program by the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT) that evaluates tourism companies' sustainability practices in natural, cultural and social resource management. The CST is regulated by the Costa Rican National Accreditation Commission and consists of a scale of 5 levels of sustainable tourism achievements.

  • Hump-back whale spotted at the El Remanso beach!

    The Osa Peninsula is an incredible place to observe wildlife, both on land in the water. Southern Hemisphere whales come from August through early November. In the last couple of weeks, our guests going on the Golfo Dulce Tour have been very lucky and most of the groups have been able to spot these impressive creatures with calves!
    The Golfo Dulce of the Osa Peninsula, one of the few tropical fiords on earth, represents a safe haven for the humpback whales to birth their calves with little threat from the larger predators of the open waters in the Pacific.

  • LOVE in our frog pond

    Yesterday early morning we had a pleasant surprise at our frog pond. After a heavy night shower our staff discovered dozens of Gliding Tree Frogs were mating on the leafs surrounding the little pond. This phenomenon is rarely seen and only lasts in the very early morning hours as these frogs tend to go back quickly to the canopy level.

  • Scarlet Macaw nest spotted on the El Remanso beach

    Scarlet Macaws (ara macao) are frequently spotted by our guests in our tours as well as their own hikes through the El Remanso trail system. The Osa Peninsula holds the largest population in Costa Rica of these beautiful and iconic birds. Although no formal large-scale study has so far been conducted in the ACOSA area (ACOSA = Osa Peninsula Conservation Area), it is believed that the population counts well above 1.000 individuals. 


    We are proud to announce this year's VISIONARY WILD photography workshop at El Remanso.

    From November 30th to December 7th, enjoy a fantastic opportunity to join wildlife and conservation photographers Justin Black and Daniel Beltra on an photographic adventure in the Osa Peninsula.

    Some of the pictures of last year's workshop:

  • PUMA caught on video camera by guests!

    Yesterday morning, when Tony and Jenny from the UK went down for an early walk down to the beach in front of the El Remanso Lodge, they could not have imagined what they were about to see!

    A female puma, that we have caught several times on camera traps and that was also previously spotted 2 weeks ago by the beach, was lying next to the trail, around 20 meters in front of them! They took out their camera video and were able to take this incredible footage!


  • El Remanso recommended in the march issue of Travel & Leisure

    El Remanso Lodge is featured in the march 2013 issue of Travel & Leisure as one of the "12 trips to take before you're twelve".

    Offering great family adventures with activites like waterfall rappeling, a zipline and an extensive trail system to explore the wonders of the rainforest as well as a beautfiul Pacific Ocean beach with tide pools, the lodge is a great escape for this coming summer vacation!

    Check out our family specials for a the months of June to September!


  • Our intern's experience at Corcovado National Park


    After having experienced the astounding amount of biodiversity present in and around the El Remanso property, one might feel compelled to delve deeper into the Costa Rican Rainforest and further from civilisation in order to seek out more of the secrets it holds.

                For the people of this mind-set there is one place that stands out from the others… …Corcovado National Park.

  • Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Award 2013 for El Remanso!

    El Remanso Lodge on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica has been awarded with the 2013 Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Award 2013 in 4 different categories:

    - Top 25 Small Hotels in Central America

    - Top 25 Small Hotels in Costa Rica

    - Top 25 Hotels for service in Central America

    - Top 25 Hotels for service in Costa Rica

  • Surprise visitor: Rare Bromeliad Boa

    A couple of nights ago we had a surprise visitor next to our restaurant. A beautiful bromeliad boa (Ungaliophis panamensis) was resting calmly on a large leaf. Contrary to what its name would probably suggest, this snake is actually not part of the "Boa family" (Boidae) but is the only member of the dwarf boas (Tropidophiidae) family here in Costa Rica. Little is known about these little snakes (up to 60 cms long), they occupy a range of habitats from lowland rainforest to highland pine-oak forests to cloud forests.

  • VIDEO of a male puma!

    Another nice "capture" of our camera traps! This male puma found a big interest in one of our camera traps a couple of days ago! The last couple of weeks have been very "puma-productive" at El Remanso Lodge, on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica!

  • PUMA sighting on the El Remanso beach!

    Richard & Jutta from Germany had an amazing wildlife sighting this afternoon on the El Remanso beach! While heading back from a hike, right next to the beach trail, they heard some noise in the bushes and out came a female puma with an iguana in its mouth! Below is the amazing picture they were able to take.

  • Scarlet macaws at a "beach almond feast"!

    Scarlet macaws (ara macao) or "lapas rojas" are frequent visitors to the grounds of El Remanso Lodge. These beautiful birds inhabit a large area of the Osa Peninsula and according to scientific data, they have been thriving with a steady population increase over the last decade. One of their favourite "meals" is the fruit of the beach almond tree (Terminalia catappa). The abundance of these trees next to the new pool deck make this a perfect place for the observation of these beautiful creatures.


  • Watch this video: Big group of peccaries

    It is frequent to observe collared peccaries on the grounds of El Remanso Lodge. Collared peccaries are one the 2 species of wild pigs found on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. They are one of the preferred preys for the wildcats, specially the pumas (puma concolor)! This video was taken a couple of days ago with one of the camera traps installed on the trail system of El Remanso Lodge.

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