El Remanso Blog

  • NEW pool at El Remanso!

    We are excited to report that finished with the construction of a new pool at the lodge! After some crazy 7 weeks of work, the new pool sits in the same position of the old one, with a current size of 19 x 5 meters and a large wooden deck around it.

  • A guest experience at El Remanso

    It is undeniable that a vacation at El Remanso is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And because pictures often do more than a thousand words we thought it would be great to share this selection of pics of a recent guest at the lodge:

  • El Remanso featured on Daytime TV

    El Remanso Lodge on the Osa Peninsula got featured on a Daytime TV segment about all-inclusive ecoresorts, with Kimberly Button.

    Watch the video here in our youtube channel:

  • Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2012

    El Remanso Lodge in the Osa Peninsula has been awarded with the highest rating of the Tripadvisor's Certificate of Excellence for the year 2012! The ongoing efforts to exceed our guests expectations has been recognized and the whole staff of the lodge would like to thank everybody who shared their experience.

  • El Remanso’s tree nursery

    According with its conservation philosophy, El Remanso Lodge has been developing projects in order to help preserving our rainforest, which is so rich down here in the Osa Peninsula. What can be better than a tree nursery? Our tree nursery has been running for more than ten years and in this small scale “vivero” (green house) we collect, germinate, replant and donate saplings from different native species of the Osa.

  • Pumas on the beach trail!

    Beach Trail camera trap in the last 40 days = 2 different pumas (one on 3 different occasions!), 1 ocelot, 1 "nocturnal spider monkey", 1 anteater, curaçaos, opposums....and lots of guests walking by!



  • Fiestas de San Juan in Puerto Jiménez

    Every little town in Costa Rica has its annual “fiestas” for a week long celebration with events such as parades, rodeos with bulls and other cultural expressions. Last week we had the “Fiestas de San Juan Bautista” here in Puerto Jiménez on the Osa Peninsula and on Sunday afternoon part of the El Remanso team went to the final parade. Our intern Kris took his camera to captures some of the moments. There were many different activities with parades, local dances and a horse-ride of over 50 riders from Puerto Jiménez toward the Matapalo area.

  • Beach clean-up at El Remanso

    On June 23rd, El Remanso's staff had the initiative of doing a Beach Clean-Up from the Tide Pools to the Lagoon! Where does the garbage come from? The beach below El Remanso is certainly an astonishing, beautiful & deserted beach, however even a remote place like this gets its share of pollution. Mostly plastic bottles brought by the tide land unfortunately on the beaches of this paradise of the Osa Peninsula. After a few hours work, and thanks to the volunteers, the beach of El Remanso is not only amazingly beautiful but super clean too!

  • Biologist Bill Lamar @ El Remanso

    ast week we had the honor to have biologist and famous herpetologist Bill Lamar with us at El Remanso. We invited him to share his extensive knowledge and experience with snakes with our guides and local guides that we invited for the event! For a whole day, the group enjoyed his talk about the different types of snakes that can be found in the area, their behavior and how to safely interact with them! Our guests also enjoyed a presentation on his experiences in over 30 years of work in the rainforest . Thanks Bill for sharing your time with us! 

  • Eyelash Pitviper encounter on the Ridge Trail

    There are 6 different venomous snakes in the Osa Peninsula. One of which, the Eyelash Pitviper (bothriechis schlegelii) is a medium size, venomous snake with mostly arboreal habits, which makes this a far less frequently spotted snake than other ones. One of the most striking features of this pitviper is the presence of two, eyelash like pointed scales above each eye. This snake has several different dimorphism (a wide array of color variations): there is the green one (the most common) but they can also be brown, gray and the most spectacular one is golden!

  • Jungle run for the Osa!

    It's running time down here in the Osa Peninsula! This year's Lapathon fundraiser race took place yesterday, Sunday 5th of May, with the objective of raising funds for the recreational sport center in Puerto Jiménez. El Remanso participated in the organization and a good part of our team run the race! The race started at the local carbonera school, about 5km away from the lodge and ended in Puerto Jiménez. The runners had to cover a distance of 17km on the gravel road. Fortunately the weather was "good to everyone" and it did not rain at all during the race!

  • How much did you know about Vanilla?

    And we are not talking about our wonderful cabin! A part from giving its name to one of our Deluxe Cabins, we have several vanilla plants flowering right now at El Remanso Lodge.

  • Pediatrician's visit for local kids at El Remanso

    Last Sunday we had a pediatrician from San José here at El Remanso to visit the children of our staff and kids from the local community. We transformed one of the cabins to an improvised "visiting practice" for the day. Costa Rica is well known for it's good healthcare system but the remote area of the Osa Peninsula does not count with a specialist pediatrician. The kids enjoyed the day with some games and a lunch after the doctor's visit!

  • Earth Day 2012 celebration!

    El Remanso's staff, together with their families participated in the annual Earth Day celebration yesterday, April 22nd, in the local community town of Puerto Jiménez. The events started at 9 o'clock with a "Earth Day parade" of local conservation organizations and students from the local schools.

  • PUMA spotted (and photographed too) at El Remanso!!!

    Our guest Beth Glasmann could not imagine she would be spotting a female puma on her first day at El Remanso, walking to the Pacific Beach on the Beach Trail. It was about half past six when she spotted the female puma next to the path. The wildcat was rather calm and did not run away as they would usually do. This was the perfect occassion to take some excellent pictures of the cat! Pumas (puma concolor) are one of 5 different wildcats found on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.

  • Tent-making bats!

    Bats usually use existing cavities such as caves or tree-holes as roosting sites. On very rare cases the do their own homes, and this is one of those peculiar cases where bats built a shelter for the group, that includes adult males, moms and babies. Bats chew the center vain of a palm-leaf hence the leaf drops forming a tent. In the forest reserve at El Remanso on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica you can see over 50 species of bats, among them several that use leafs as shelter. Have you ever seen them in nature? Tell us and share your pics!

  • LOVE IS IN THE AIR… every tree you look around!

    It happens that cicadas (from Latin cicada means “tree cricket”) can’t wait until February 14th to celebrate love, but started one month before and they keep going. For a couple of months starting with the dry season here at El Remanso and everywhere on the Osa Peninsula the sounds of the forest are dominated by the love song of these insects. Same as cicadas in temperate forest, the tropical fellows as nymphs (young insects) live in the ground, they come out of the ground to molt and become the adults we see (and hear!).

  • Toucans preparing to nest @ El Remanso

    Chestnut-mandibled toucans (Ramphastos ambiguus swainsonii)) are one of the 2 members of the Toucan family (Ramphastidae) that you can find in the Osa Peninsula. It is frequent to spot toucans at El Remanso, specially from the restaurant deck in the early mornings as well as anywhere in the tropical garden of the lodge. Since yesterday we have our "yearly visitors" back and nesting in a tree cavity next to the main driveway of the lodge. This is the third year in a row where we have been able to observe a couple of toucans using the exact same hole to create their nest.


    Common Pauraque - «cuyeo» - Nyctidromus albicollis The Pauraque is a nocturnal bird that lives in open areas such as secondary forest or forest edges; hence it is highly probable that they would live in the gardens around the lodge. But this bird rests and nests in the ground blended with the leaf litter, which makes it difficult to spot. Although this species is fairly common and widely distributed, is not common to find a nest.

  • Boas, Mussaranas and Red-Eye Tree Frogs

    Night tours at El Remanso are lead by naturalist guide Rinaldo. The tour starts usually at 5.30, once the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean down here in the Osa Peninsula. Commonly seen wildlife during this tour includes spiders, frogs, toats, snakes, opposums and sometimes even sleeping mammals. The tour usually starts with some time next to the El Remanso pool or our new "frog pond" where different types of frogs and toats can be found. The most looked for is certainly the red-eye tree frog (Agalychnis callidryas), the most "photogenic of the frogs in the pond"!