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  • Costa Rica Named First BioGem Country by NRDC

    (InfoWebPress) – For the first time, the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC) has designated a country as a BioGem, Costa Rica, as a recognition of its efforts to become the world’s first carbon-neutral nation. "These BioGems are some of the last wild and unspoiled places left in the Western Hemisphere,” said Robert Kennedy, Jr., senior attorney at NRDC.

  • Sponsorship of Wildcats Study

    In this new year, El Remanso Lodge will be sponsoring the local wild cat conservation study, leaded by biologists Aida Bustamante and Ricardo Moreno. The study which is currently in its third year is an important keystone to the better understanding of wildcats in the area and collecting data about their behaviour. The amazing pictures of pumas, jaguars, ocelots, jagarundis or margays are shown in a weekly presentation held at the El Remanso Lodge!

  • Training for employees

    Specially during the green season, El Remanso Lodge focuses on offering basic or advanced training courses to its employees. The last of this course was destined to kitchen staff and waiters at the lodge itself. The course focused on meal preparation, with elements of food safety took 3 days and all of the employees passed the final exam to have their diploma, congratulations!

  • New cabin at El Remanso

    El Remanso Lodge inaugurated a new deluxe cabin last week. This new unit, called "La Guinda" (The Cherry) is a dream for honeymooners or couples looking for a romantic getaway. With impressive ocean views, this cabin is situated on top of a ridge overlooking a lush forest canyon. A wooden deck with comfortable chairs and a hammock give plenty opportunities to spot wildlife while relaxing after an active day in the rainforest!

  • Puerto Jiménez school visits El Remanso Lodge!

    As part of their tourism class, the local school of Puerto Jiménez visited El Remanso today to learn more on how a hotel works. The students had the chance tostudy how our different areas work, from maintenance to kitchen! A very special focus was given on the sustainable practices of El Remanso, they had a chance to visit the hydroelectric system as well as our natural compost,

  • Presents for the local school

    Thanks to the the help of our guests Gabriella Redding and her family, we have been brought some very useful gifts to the local school of Carbonera. From chalk to whiteboards, games, books and timetables, the children will have more means to play and learn in their everyday at this school, thanks tothe help of this family from Los Angeles!

  • New section at El Remanso Blog

    Today we are happy to announce the opening of our new blog with news concerning our ecological and social actions both at the El Remanso Lodge as well as the surroundings on the Osa Peninsula.

  • More wildcats spotted

    ....with camera traps! As a result of the wildcats study in which El Remanso participated, we just received the incredible pictures of a margay and 2 pumas on one of our trails! A special thanks to Aida Bustamante who sent us these beautiful and exciting photos![gallery]

  • A cleaner beach at El Remanso!

    Thanks to great help of one family When Karen, Marc, Galen and Hannah saw the platic bottles and other items that the ocean had brought in to the beach of El Remanso (unfortunately some garbage finds its way even to areas as remote as this) they decided it would be a good idea to remove them. A big THANK YOU to the four of you for your great work and helping us to keep this place special!

  • Seaturtles at El Remanso's beach!

    Stephan Hales and his family didn't expect to see these little creatures at the beach in front of the lodge It is always an amazing moment to see small baby sea-turtles coming out of their nest and run towards the ocean. Thanks to a little bit of luck, The Hales Family saw a couple of Olive Ridley Seaturtles last week.[gallery]

  • 2 pumas spotted at El Remanso

    ....and photographed too!! Andrew and Ross from London didn't expect that when they came back to their cabin after a hike to the beach. Two adult pumas crossed their path in front of them! The incredible thing is that they had the time to take their cameras out and take a couple of shots of these beautiful wildcats. Thanks for the pics![gallery]

  • TNC & Audubon at El Remanso

    Both organizations picked El Remanso for a stay in the Osa Peninsula. This month has been exciting for El Remanso, for we have had the visit of The Nature Consevancy and the National Audubon Society at our lodge. Both organizations focus on preserving the last pristine ecosystems on our planet.

  • New additions to El Remanso

    From December 1st, El Remanso offers a brand new restaurant, swimming pool area and the newest lodging option : Casa Poniente All good things are three: At El Remanso this means new restaurant deck with incredible views over the rainforest canopy, a new swimming pool with spectacular sunset views and our newest lodging option with 2 Suites and 4 rooms : Casa Poniente. See more picture of our new additions in the "Accomodations" and "Restaurant& Bar" Section.

  • Wild cats study in El Remanso

    El Remanso participates in a study on the population of wild cats in the Osa Peninsula. Cameras are installed on different positions to take photos of individuals crossing the El Remanso reserve. The objective of the study is to count the number of different cats, specially jaguars and ocelots from the National Park of Corcovado to the Osa Refuge of Wildlife.

  • World Press Award 2006 Winner at El Remanso

    Achieved for his environemental photography Daniel Beltrás photographies with Greenpeace on the biggest known drought in the Amazon has given him this years award. Daniel has been dedicated for years to nature photography, emphasizing on those aspects that may bring people to think about the necessity to preserve our planet and its forests. Daniel and his wife Shoshana spent 2 weeks at El Remanso, leaving us with some impressive pictures of the local wildlife and rainforest that you can enjoy in this webpage.