How to run a crystal-clear “green” pool

Before you decide to have a pool, make sure you can keep it friendly with the environment. 1. Ensure that the water you’re taking does not deprive others from water in your human and natural community. 2. Choose a chemical-free way to treat your water (sand filters, ionization) 3. Use the water for as long as possible, but when you discard it, put it to good use (give it back to nature, water the plants, mop the floor, wash your car, flush your toilet, get creative!) At El Remanso we have a small pool with a very unique system. We are proud to be 100% free of any chemicals whatsoever to run our pool, and this is how it happens: -We fill our pool with spring water from our rainforest preserve. This water reaches our pool thanks to a mechanical pump activated by the force of the natural drop of the creek. -When the sun rises, a solar panel activates the cleaning pump. -This pump makes the water in the pool continually flow into a sand filter, which frees the water from impurities, and sends it back into the pool. -Every 3 days, we brush the insides of the pool and plug in a special solar-powered hand vacuum, to rid the pool from dirt and prevent algae from appearing. - When bigger sand and dirt particles build up and can’t be taken out with a net or vacuum, what we do is send the water back into the creek where it came from, just as naturally as it was “lent” to us and all with the pure force of gravity. -The sides of the pool are washed by hand with nothing more than a scrubbing brush and more water. -The pool is refilled again and the cycle starts over. This system fits our particular case, but each case is different. You might not have access to your own water spring, for example, or you might live in a place where a pool heater is needed. The important thing is to always aim not only for the lowest impact on nature and the community, but hopefully even for a positive output. As we said before, get creative! We found this link online that might be useful for more ideas on how to make your pool environmentally sound: Let us know if you have any ideas or if you know of a different link that might be useful! Thanks for sharing!