To celebrate this important nature holiday, we invited our guests to plant a tree with us in our native plant garden. Miguel and his father Alfredo were especially helpful and willing to learn about the “Guayabo de Mono” that Miguel planted and watered. When Miguel comes back to visit in a few years, the tree will have bloomed and provided plenty of fruit to the four species of monkeys that live in this area. You can try doing the same at home! There’s no need to wait for a special occasion when you can invent it yourself: -Consider planting a tree with your kids during the weekend, to spend some time with them and help them learn a little about the environment and about responsibility in general -Plant a tree with your spouse as a symbol of your love towards each other =) - Choose a tree that is native to the natural ecosystem in your area, so that it attracts birds and butterflies -Your tree will grow into a natural element that will add life to your home, as well as privacy and shade -You and your family will enjoy it for generations!