Female Turquoise Cotinga Video

The enchanting colors of the male turquoise cotinga (Cotinga ridgwayi) make it one of the most gratifying birds to see whether you’re a declared bird-watcher or just an occasional hiker in the rainforest. The Osa Peninsula is well known for its immense biodiversity, including more than 365 bird species, and the turquoise cotinga is just one of the many frequent visitors that come to our cabins and restaurant deck in search of a tasty treat from the surrounding cecropia trees and figs. Still, any serious birder can tell you the female turquoise cotinga is much more elusive and, though not as magnificent at first glance, is a much more rewarding sighting because of its rarity. This week our guests Fred and Rosemary were lucky to experience such a sighting! Thank you for sharing this wonderful video with us! Enjoy the short video taken through the scope!