Eyelash Pitviper encounter on the Ridge Trail

There are 6 different venomous snakes in the Osa Peninsula. One of which, the Eyelash Pitviper (bothriechis schlegelii) is a medium size, venomous snake with mostly arboreal habits, which makes this a far less frequently spotted snake than other ones. One of the most striking features of this pitviper is the presence of two, eyelash like pointed scales above each eye. This snake has several different dimorphism (a wide array of color variations): there is the green one (the most common) but they can also be brown, gray and the most spectacular one is golden! Actually the golden one is called Oropel in spanish… "Oro" means gold. The eyelash pitviper from the picture above was spotted at El Remanso by our guests Troy and Jessica on a hike with Gerardo, one of our naturalist guides.