El Remanso RELOADED, now with fans!!!

Yes, the eternal summer of the Osa Peninsula’s rainforest is perfect for long days on the beach and plunging into hidden jungle waterfalls. A more or less constant 28°-30°C temperature is ideal for surfing, horseback riding through forest and river, rappelling down a 70 foot waterfall and basically every kind of tropical activity, especially when it comes to wildlife observation. At the end of the day a relaxing rest in your outdoor hammock is much deserved, and sometimes you might fancy a short “siesta” in your room before going on with your plan. If only the natural ocean breeze were just a little stronger… Solved! You asked for it, you got it! Together with an engineering team, our maintenance team worked very hard in the last couple of months, making some adjustments to our micro-hydro system so that we could make your room a little cooler and of course, maintain El Remanso running 100% on renewable energy produced here on site. Now you can count on the extra comfort of the perfect temperature for all of your activities, including nap time! All cabins & rooms now feature highly efficient ceiling fans!