El Remanso’s tree nursery

According with its conservation philosophy, El Remanso Lodge has been developing projects in order to help preserving our rainforest, which is so rich down here in the Osa Peninsula. What can be better than a tree nursery? Our tree nursery has been running for more than ten years and in this small scale “vivero” (green house) we collect, germinate, replant and donate saplings from different native species of the Osa.
The main goal is to reproduce our own “baby trees” to reforest some little patches of secondary forest in our reserve as well as to donate some trees for reforesting purposes all over the Osa Peninsula.

The whole process is done on the property and implies a lot of work. Probably the hardest part of the process is collecting the seeds in many species seeds can be collected from the forest floor but in some cases the seeds should bee collected directly from the tree tops (in some giant trees like Resecos, 40 m/120 ft above the ground). In these cases we are using different techniques from ladders to slingshots or arrows to throw ropes to the top of the trees and then climb them up using harnesses and ascenders. Depending of the sort of seed, they are passed to a pre-germinating process and next to a germination bed.

We chose the species carefully and in the future our idea is to reproduce as many native species as possible. At the moment we have species with a high importance for the environment such as the wild nutmeg trees (virola spp. or known locally by their common name “fruta dorada”) for example; are one of the spider monkey’s favorite trees. Spider monkeys are together with the toucans some of the most important seed dispersers for these trees.
When grown saplings are passed to a different section of the nursery, waiting to be planted during the rainy season.
Over the years we have planted or donated thousands of trees, this year alone we’re hoping to plant over 500 native trees both on the El Remanso reserve and througout the Osa Peninsula.