Common Pauraque - «cuyeo» - Nyctidromus albicollis The Pauraque is a nocturnal bird that lives in open areas such as secondary forest or forest edges; hence it is highly probable that they would live in the gardens around the lodge. But this bird rests and nests in the ground blended with the leaf litter, which makes it difficult to spot. Although this species is fairly common and widely distributed, is not common to find a nest. Here in the Osa Peninsula and of course at El Remanso, you are very likely to spot common pauraques at night on your way to your cabin, you will see the shimmering eyes in the darkness on the ground, moving from one side of the trail to the other! It’s possible that the camouflage and peculiar habits of the species – isn’t it peculiar that a bird that rests and nests in the ground? – has generated the stories and myths related to them. Popular belief holds that a common pauraque will concede you a wish, and also it can be used for a love spell that will tie him/her to you forever! The pictures below were taken this afternoon next to the El Remanso restaurant!