Audubon Christmas Bird Count at El Remanso Lodge!

Yesterday, El Remanso participated in the annual Osa Peninsula Audubon Christmas bird count! Again this year, local organizations, eco-lodges and the community joined for this century-long Audubon Society tradition. During all tours, from dawn to dusk, guides and guests were invited to keep track of the birds they had seen. These lists will then be compiled by local NGO OSA CONSERVATION and will be part of the Centralamerican-wide activity! And what better place to do a birdcount then the Osa Peninsula and El Remanso! Here's the list of the birds we counted on Dec 21st! Baird's trogon Bare-throated tiger-heron bhiladelophina vireo Black Swift Black Vulture Black-billed whisthing-duck Black-hoocled Antshrike Black-throated trogon Blue crocunen motmot Blue crowned manakin Blue-thoated Goldentail Broad-Winged Hawk Bronce Hermit Brown-hooded Parrot Buffthoted-woodcreepers Charming Hummingbird Chesnut sided-warbler Chestnut-Backed Antbird Chestnut-mandibled toucan Common/ Mangrove Black Hawk Crested Caracara Double-Toothed kite Fiery-billed Aracari Gray-breasted Martin Great Blue Heron Great Crested Flycatcher Great Egret Great Kiskadee Great-Tailled Grackle House Wren King Vulture Little Blue Heron Long-billed hermit Magnificient frigatebird Mangrove swllow Masked tityra Mourning warbler Orange-Chinned Parakeet Palm Tanager Plain Tenops Red-Breasted Blackbird Red-crowned woodpecker Red-Lored Parrot Riverside Wren Roadside hawk Ruddy Ground-Dove Scarlett macaw Social Flycatcher Souther Rough-Winged swallow Spectacled owi Spotted crowned suphonia Spotted sandpiper Streaked Flycatcher Stripe-throated hermit Summer Tanager Swallow Toiled kite Tennessee warbler Tiger Heron Tropical Kingbird Tropical Gnatcatcher Turkey Vulture Turquoice Cotinga Variable Seedeater Veraguan Mango Violaceos Trogon white crestedcoquette White Ibis White-Collared Seedeater Yellow-billed cuckoo Yellow-headed cara cara