November 2012

NEW pool at El Remanso!

We are excited to report that finished with the construction of a new pool at the lodge! After some crazy 7 weeks of work, the new pool sits in the same position of the old one, with a current size of 19 x 5 meters and a large wooden deck around it.

Watch this video: Big group of peccaries

It is frequent to observe collared peccaries on the grounds of El Remanso Lodge. Collared peccaries are one the 2 species of wild pigs found on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. They are one of the preferred preys for the wildcats, specially the pumas (puma concolor)! This video was taken a couple of days ago with one of the camera traps installed on the trail system of El Remanso Lodge.

Scarlet macaws at a "beach almond feast"!

Scarlet macaws (ara macao) or "lapas rojas" are frequent visitors to the grounds of El Remanso Lodge. These beautiful birds inhabit a large area of the Osa Peninsula and according to scientific data, they have been thriving with a steady population increase over the last decade. One of their favourite "meals" is the fruit of the beach almond tree (Terminalia catappa). The abundance of these trees next to the new pool deck make this a perfect place for the observation of these beautiful creatures.


PUMA sighting on the El Remanso beach!

Richard & Jutta from Germany had an amazing wildlife sighting this afternoon on the El Remanso beach! While heading back from a hike, right next to the beach trail, they heard some noise in the bushes and out came a female puma with an iguana in its mouth! Below is the amazing picture they were able to take.

VIDEO of a male puma!

Another nice "capture" of our camera traps! This male puma found a big interest in one of our camera traps a couple of days ago! The last couple of weeks have been very "puma-productive" at El Remanso Lodge, on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica!