July 2012

Fiestas de San Juan in Puerto Jiménez

Every little town in Costa Rica has its annual “fiestas” for a week long celebration with events such as parades, rodeos with bulls and other cultural expressions. Last week we had the “Fiestas de San Juan Bautista” here in Puerto Jiménez on the Osa Peninsula and on Sunday afternoon part of the El Remanso team went to the final parade. Our intern Kris took his camera to captures some of the moments. There were many different activities with parades, local dances and a horse-ride of over 50 riders from Puerto Jiménez toward the Matapalo area.

Pumas on the beach trail!

Beach Trail camera trap in the last 40 days = 2 different pumas (one on 3 different occasions!), 1 ocelot, 1 "nocturnal spider monkey", 1 anteater, curaçaos, opposums....and lots of guests walking by!