May 2012

Jungle run for the Osa!

It's running time down here in the Osa Peninsula! This year's Lapathon fundraiser race took place yesterday, Sunday 5th of May, with the objective of raising funds for the recreational sport center in Puerto Jiménez. El Remanso participated in the organization and a good part of our team run the race! The race started at the local carbonera school, about 5km away from the lodge and ended in Puerto Jiménez. The runners had to cover a distance of 17km on the gravel road. Fortunately the weather was "good to everyone" and it did not rain at all during the race!

Eyelash Pitviper encounter on the Ridge Trail

There are 6 different venomous snakes in the Osa Peninsula. One of which, the Eyelash Pitviper (bothriechis schlegelii) is a medium size, venomous snake with mostly arboreal habits, which makes this a far less frequently spotted snake than other ones. One of the most striking features of this pitviper is the presence of two, eyelash like pointed scales above each eye. This snake has several different dimorphism (a wide array of color variations): there is the green one (the most common) but they can also be brown, gray and the most spectacular one is golden!

Biologist Bill Lamar @ El Remanso

ast week we had the honor to have biologist and famous herpetologist Bill Lamar with us at El Remanso. We invited him to share his extensive knowledge and experience with snakes with our guides and local guides that we invited for the event! For a whole day, the group enjoyed his talk about the different types of snakes that can be found in the area, their behavior and how to safely interact with them! Our guests also enjoyed a presentation on his experiences in over 30 years of work in the rainforest . Thanks Bill for sharing your time with us!