December 2011

PUMA SIGHTING NEXT TO THE EL REMANSO LOBBY!! Puma hunting in the evening at El Remanso!

Yesterday evening, at 5 o'clock, Adriana spotted a frequent visitor to the El Remanso grounds: a female puma was chasing it's prey behind Casa Osa and the lobby towards the top of ridge! Although frequently photographed with the camera traps, puma sightings are always something special and to see one hunting is exceptional! Check our older posts on our blog to see the some pictures of pumas caught by our camera traps at El Remanso Lodge. The study conducted by Yaguara monitors the activity of wildcats on the Osa Peninsula and has been supported by the lodge since 2006.

Audubon Christmas Bird Count at El Remanso Lodge!

Yesterday, El Remanso participated in the annual Osa Peninsula Audubon Christmas bird count! Again this year, local organizations, eco-lodges and the community joined for this century-long Audubon Society tradition. During all tours, from dawn to dusk, guides and guests were invited to keep track of the birds they had seen.

SECOND PUMA SIGHTING at El Remanso in a week!!

Patrick Schmidt and his family returned this afternoon from our river walk and brought the exciting news! They encountered a puma next to the creek and got a good look at it. It was resting on the river bank and did not run away for a good while! How fortunate!! This happens just 6 days after Adriana saw a female puma chasing a small animal in front...