November 2011

Patience, patience, patience

Early morning and you hear the "zum-zum sounds" around the tropical garden of El Remanso. The sound comes from the only group of birds that are able to fly backwards...we are talking about hummingbirds of course. We do not use any bird-feeders at the lodge but thanks to a big variety of native heliconias (also referred to as false birds-of-paradise or lobster-claws) in our garden, there are always hummingbirds flying next to the cabins.

Summer is back!

After some rainy days in the Osa, the sun is back and we hope this is the first sign of our "summer" or dry season! To celebrate we had 2 couples of Scarlet Macaws visit us next to the swimming pool the whole afternoon: It was feeding time on the beach almond trees! A great opportunity for everyone to take some nice shots!

Remanso reloaded! (part 1) How we remodeled our classic cabins to a new level!

At El Remanso we are glad to announce that we have recently completed a series of upgrades in our classic cabins and all of the rooms of Casa Poniente. Over the last months we have worked a lot to finalize the changes and we believe that you will like these accommodation options even more than before! Today we'll start to present the upgrades of our 3 classic cabins:, the original and initial units of El Remanso, built from beautiful hard-wood timber from certified fallen trees in the property of the lodge.