June 2010

Beach clean-up at El Remanso!

A big beach clean-up was organized today from the Matapalo point to Carate beach by all lodges and private landowners on this 20km stretch. At El Remanso 6 of us and 2 of our guests, Devon & Ticon cleaned up a 3km stretch from El Remanso towards Carate and accumulated a total of 13 big sacks of garbage. Where does the garbage come from? The beach below El Remanso is certainly an astonishing, beautiful & deserted beach, however even a remote place like this gets its share of pollution.

New deck for La Vainilla Deluxe Cabin!

La Vainilla is one of the preferred cabins of our guests at El Remanso. Ideal for honeymooners or wildlife lovers who want to experience a total immersion into the rainforest, this cabin offers excellent views of the surrounding forest and the Pacific Ocean. If this wasn't enough, La Vainilla now features a new spacious wooden deck with impressive views. What could be better than enjoying a sunny afternoon with a set of binoculars in your hands watching wildlife passing next to your cabin?

Check out our NEW VIDEO!

Dear El Remanso friends, We are very, very happy to be able to share our new video with you! Enjoy great shots of wildlife, scenery, adventures and places you have experienced with us or that you are about to experience on your upcoming visit. Let us know what you think! Watch it here: