January 2010

Saving seaturtle eggs at El Remanso beach!

Thanks to the quick eyes and good heart of the wonderful Van der Meer family, 54 sea turtle eggs have gotten a second chance for survival. While strolling along the beautiful deserted Pacific beach at El Remanso, Mia was the first to spot what looked like a bunch of bright white ping pong balls: a turtle nest had been uncovered by the force of an unexpected turn in the course of the creek!

First pictures of the Wildcat Project Cameras at El Remanso

El Remanso Lodge participates in the local wildcat project, led by biologists Aida Bustamante and Ricardo Moreno. Weekly presentations to our guests show the work of these passionate conservationists who work hard to protect the endangered cats on the Osa Peninsula. As part of their study, pictures are taken with camera traps all over the Osa Peninsula to monitor the population of jaguars, pumas, ocelots, margays and jaguarundis. El Remanso has purchased 4 of these camera traps that are installed on the trail system of the lodge.

The happiest people on Earth!

We are very happy to hear that we are, in fact, the happiest people on the planet! At least, that's the result of a study of the "World Database of Happiness", compiled by a Dutch sociologist on the basis of answers to surveys by Gallup and others. Costa Rica ranks on top of the 148 countries that participated in the study!

El Remanso recommended on Travel & Leisure

El Remanso Lodge recommended by the January 2010 edition of Travel & Leisure. The prestigious magazine recommended our lodge as an ideal destination to spend a vacation in Costa Rica! Come visit us and find out why!