October 2009

Special November discounts!!!

It’s the end of the Green Season. The rains  have poured over the Osa for the last month, leaving the forest blooming with new greens, new croaks, newborn little monkeys ready to start their recently acquired life’s adventure clinging determinedly to their mother’s fur as she swings carelessly through the tallest trees in search of tropical fruits and insects under the light of a new sun-filled season. November offers an unforgettable rainforest experience without excessive rain.

Meet our intern Marigel Campos!

marigel-campos My name is Marigel Campos. I’m from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I am currently in the 9th semester for my degree in Natural Resource Management at the Marist University in Merida. I love everything related to nature, especially the ocean. My favorite things to do are diving and going out with my friends and family. My favorite animal is the dolphin!

Meet our intern Eduardo Mendoza!

eduardo-mendoza Hello! My name is Eduardo Mendoza, I’m a student for Natural Resource Management, I’m 24 years old and am proud to be Mexican. I’ve been fortunate to have lived my whole life in close contact with nature, especially being from one of the most nature-rich states in my country: Tabasco, where there is an enormous treasure of flora and fauna.

First Aid Course for El Remanso Staff

El Remanso will be opening again tomorrow, November 1st, after a 4 weeks of being closed doing maintenance work and some upgrades of our installations. Today we finished a 4-day long training on First Aid and Basic CPR with all of the El Remanso staff as well as some participants from the local community. This highly useful training has been a big success and everybody enjoyed the training provided by the very experienced Marvin Palma. With a practical approach, the El Remanso staff learned emergency procedures for different types of injuries as well as evacuation of injured people.