September 2006

World Press Award 2006 Winner at El Remanso

Achieved for his environemental photography Daniel Beltrás photographies with Greenpeace on the biggest known drought in the Amazon has given him this years award. Daniel has been dedicated for years to nature photography, emphasizing on those aspects that may bring people to think about the necessity to preserve our planet and its forests. Daniel and his wife Shoshana spent 2 weeks at El Remanso, leaving us with some impressive pictures of the local wildlife and rainforest that you can enjoy in this webpage.

Wild cats study in El Remanso

El Remanso participates in a study on the population of wild cats in the Osa Peninsula. Cameras are installed on different positions to take photos of individuals crossing the El Remanso reserve. The objective of the study is to count the number of different cats, specially jaguars and ocelots from the National Park of Corcovado to the Osa Refuge of Wildlife.