About Us


The property of the lodge was purchased by Belen and Joel Stewart in 1991. Both met at Greenpeace, where Joel captained their ships and Belen worked as board member in the spanish headquarters. At the initial years in the Peninsula de Osa they were both heavily involved in conservation issues in the Osa Peninsula, such as fighting the creation of a wood-chip mill on the Golfo Dulce, starting the conservation oriented “Cecropia Foundation” and other actions, including having a visit of Greenpeace boats to the Golfo Dulce to pressure the government to push for conservation in the Osa Peninsula.
The El Remanso Lodge opened in the December 1999 with initially 3 cabins (our Classic Cabins) and very strict ecological policies: El Remanso was a pioneer in using exclusively hidroelectric energy to cover 100% of the energy needs, all buildings used naturally fallen timber, recycling policies were installed and naturalists & researchers were hosted at the lodge. This led El Remanso to a well-deserved fame of being an “insider tip” in the Osa Peninsula. The Mtv show “Trippin” with Cameron Diaz, under the promotion of The Nature Conservancy, choose El Remanso as a set for their Costa Rican Episode in 2005. More TV shows visited the lodge in these early years, Jeff Corwin and his crew for instance also spent some days at the lodge in 2005. In 2006 one of the first episodes of “Man vs. Wild” with Bear Grylls was shot at the El Remanso property.

At the end of 2005, El Remanso featured 5 cabins and was at a crossroad to decide a future plan for the lodge. In 2006, Belen’s daugher Adriana and her german husband Daniel decided to quit their corporate lifes in Paris and come continue with the management and operation of the lodge. With the objective of keeping the small-scale character of the lodge but add more services and comfort to our guests, some new facilities were added:  “Casa Poniente” and the new bamboo structured restaurant were built and 2 years later, another Deluxe Cabin (La Guinda) was added to the lodge.

Today, the El Remanso lodge can host up to little over 30 guests and continues with the same philosophy: the lodge’s 200 acres are part of the Osa National Refuge, the lodge electricity needs are covered by hidroelectric and solar energy without the use of diesel generators, the lodge sponsors conservation oriented  projects and is actively involved with the local community. You can find more information on our policies here.

Our most important mission is to create memorable experiences for our guests with a maximum respect for the local ecololigy and culture. Come and find out why all of our guests continue recommending the lodge to their families and friends!